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Multi-Substrate (Aluminum Shown)

Tote Packing & Labelling

Masking for Welding

Standard wear package 68"x24"x24"

Partially Coated Parts

JEMS Coating has two ecoat lines.

We Feature

  • 7 stage pretreatment (choice of immersion on line 1 or impingement spray on line 2)

  • PPG Powercron 590-534

  • Wear package which can accommodate parts up to 24"x24"x68" (larger parts can be processed under certain high-volume circumstances, please inquire.

  • Compliance with the several automotive OEM ecoat specifications

  • 16 production hours per day (expandable to 20)

  • In-house Parts Stripping

  • In-house Racking Burn-off

Process Flow

10 Receiving

20 Raw Material Storage

30 Loading

41 Parts Cleaning

42 Parts Rinsing

43 Rinse Conditioning

44 Zinc Phosphate

45 Phosphate Rinse

46 Sealer

47 Sealer Rinse

50 Ecoat

60 Curing Oven

70 Inspection and Packing

80 Finished Goods Packaging

90 Staging

100 Shipping

Major OEM Specifications Met

(non-exhaustive list, please inquire for additional specs)

General Motors GMW 14671 (GM4350), GMW17698

Chrysler MS.90124 *Meets specification (non-pickling and non high edge callouts only)

Mercedes Benz DBL 7381

Ford WSS-M2P177

Honda HES D2021 HES D2016

Toyota TSH 2354  (TSH3600)

Nissan NES-M5083

Brose BN 562161

Volkswagen VW 13750

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